Tips to Be More Punctual at Work

Published on January 08, 2019, By Shaheen Mulani
Tips to Be More Punctual at Work

Showing up late at work every day, indicates stress, poor management, and lack of self-control in a person. Being late for meetings and appointments can also give an impression that you lack respect for others and do not value their time, leaving them question your reliability. Punctuality is one of the key secrets behind success, be it in personal life or professional. Punctuality does not come naturally to everyone; rather it is a habit, which one needs to develop.

Here are some tips that will help you become more punctual at work:

1.     Prepare a Schedule:

Prepare a fixed schedule or a to-do-list for the day and stick to it. You can also set reminders in your phone that will prompt you for important meetings and help you do the preparations beforehand.

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2.     Plan Your Day the Night Before:

If you find it hard to get going in the morning, set up everything the night before including laying out your clothes, polishing your shoes, putting your keys and wallet, and checking the fuel. This will save your time in the morning, which is often spent in making decisions.

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3.     Get Up on Time:

Get up the moment your alarm goes off and do not climb back in bed. You could also place your alarm clock a little far from your bed so that when it rings, you actually have to get up from your bed to turn it off.

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4.     Avoid Getting Ready at the Last Minute:

Get in the habit of getting ready first and then carrying out other activities. Know your priorities and make sure not to get distracted by unimportant things in the morning.

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5.     Track Your Timing:

Calculate the time required to complete your daily tasks such as work out, bathing, breakfast, dressing up, or commuting and check where you often waste the most time. This judgment will help you allot adequate time to each task and reach early for work.

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6.     Be Ahead of Time:

Set all your watches and clocks a few minutes ahead. Even if you get late due to some reason, you would still be able to get there on time given the time gap. Having extra time always helps to avoid delay.

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7.     Avoid Traveling in Peak Hours:

If possible, travel before or after peak hours, which will prevent you from getting late for work due to unnecessary traffic jams, crowds, or long queues.

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8.     Anticipate Troubles or Delays:

In case of vehicle issues, change in the weather, or unexpected traffic, have backup plans. This way you will not waste your time thinking what is to be done next since you would already have a plan.

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