10 Signs That You Are a Strong Headed, Self-Sufficient Woman

Published on September 25, 2018, By Purvi Wanjara Thakkar
10 Signs That You Are a Strong Headed, Self-Sufficient Woman

Women have been known and considered to be emotionally stronger and more evolved human beings than most men. They are applauded for being good house-makers, good mothers, and good ladies in the society. But the minute that same woman starts expressing her views and takes a stand, she is usually labelled rude, insensitive, and ill mannered. A thing that her male counterpart is allowed to do all so freely, she isn’t. If you have faced this ever in your life and still did the right thing, this blog is just for you and about you!

Let’s see, praise, and encourage these signs of all you strong headed, self-sufficient women out there:

1.  Doesn’t pressurize herself to balance emotions, logic, and thoughts

A strong headed woman isn’t perfect and she knows it. She balances everything in her own way and is not bothered when she can’t. She knows that it is okay to fail at times. It is OKAY to not find a solution for everything in life and still go on.

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2.  Feels Proud but not too much

The woman who is proud of not just her work and deeds but herself as a person, is the perfect example of a strong headed woman. She knows the difference between being proud and being too proud and maintains that balance well.

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3.  Maintains Positive outlook towards life

It is not that a strong woman doesn’t face any low phases in life but her ability to see through them, take responsibility, and rise beyond the matters is what makes her what she is. The ‘Okay, Next!’ attitude helps her get through most difficult times in life.

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4.  Doesn’t shy away from her emotions and weaknesses

The belief that ‘strong women do not cry’ is wrong and misleading. Such baseless beliefs are exactly the norms that these women wish to break. Wearing all those emotions, sentiments, and weaknesses as an armor is how these women shine!

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5.  Believes in equality

Feminism is not just another cool concept for her. She truly believes in gender equality and stands firm on her grounds in matters that include bias or unfair decisions. She makes sure she educate people around her without coming off as rude.

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6.  Not afraid to ask for help

She knows that she isn’t a weight lifting champion and doesn’t need to do things just to prove otherwise. She knows pretty well that proving crazy theories aren’t worth her time and hence, never hesitates to ask for help!

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7.  Treats herself and others well

She needs no reason to treat herself (and others for that matter) well. She knows that people would treat her exactly the way she’ll treat herself. She respects her thoughts, her actions, and her being enough to take out some ‘Me’ time and puts herself at high position in her own eyes.

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8.  Learns, Unlearns, and Understands

She knows that she wasn’t always a strong headed woman but transformed into one gradually. The experiences made her what she is and hence in order to evolve more, she keeps her mind and thoughts open to changes and newer things in life.

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9.  Empowers other women

The cat fights between women is passé. She treats other women with respect and helps them in all walks of their lives. Empowering others is the best way to empower yourself and nobody knows this better than a strong headed woman!

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10.  Loves Herself And Others Exactly The Way They Are

Finally, she loves herself; not to the point where she becomes narcissist but just up to a point where she admires her life and her being. This allows her to love others for what and who they are without being judgmental.

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All you women out there, please know that there is more to you than just aligning with some 10 points in a blog. There are various aspects and dimensions to you and your personality that nobody can steal from you. If you feel inspired after reading this blog, please express so in the comments section below.

Purvi Wanjara Thakkar

Dancer, Writer, Reader, a Feminist, and a Humanist

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