How it works

HobbyFy is an interactive platform which enables you to share your passion online and help you gain followers, recognition and rewards. Think of it as a social media platform, but dedicated to your hobbies. Millions of people are passionate about stuff other than what they do for a living. There is always this one thing that we wish, we could have pursued as our profession. Well, do not think beyond HobbyFy when it comes to your hobbies.

This is how it works! If you have a hobby, register with us. Once registered with appropriate tags, upload your talent. Be it music, painting, travelling, fitness or anything under the sun, HobbyFy lets you create a group and upload your hobbies. Once you upload them, we start the heavy lifting. We have a group of web marketing executives who will promote your work day in and day out, until you are recognized. The web promotion activities will be conducted within the HobbyFy network and the worldwide web.

Connect with a wide group of people interested in what you do. We let you showcase your hobbies to the group and your followers. Now do you want to Go Pro? If you do, we have the perfect place for you. With HobbyFy Pay facility, we let you earn money by selling your services. There are three ways you can earn money using HobbyFy:

  1. Sell your products
  2. Sell your services
  3. Sell your time

If we were you, we would wonder, sell my products: Understood, sell my services: Understood, but how do I sell my time? Crazy and fascinating right? We welcome, to the only platform in the world, which lets you sell your time. There are tons of pre-sale professionals who you may consult for a service. But what if you get access to a person, who is great at a thing, that people would love to know. Let us take an example here. Tom is a guitarist and have been since a decade. Sarah, wants to buy a guitar, but is very confused about the models and brands. Every brand promises the world, and instructors have collaborated with a particular brand of guitars. Exactly, a situation where Tom can help Sarah out on HobbyFy. Tom can sell half an hour of his time helping Sarah out though HobbyFy. Tom may or may not request money in return, that is going to be his choice.

Now, enough of we telling you everything about HobbyFy. Create your profile and explore the world through HobbyFy. Do not let your passion die!