About Us

Wish I loved my job! Why don’t you pursue, what you love? These two statements/questions, are
integral to almost every one, of us. The lucky ones, escape, because, they showcase. HobbyFy, is a social
media platform, which aims to create a user friendly platform, for all those, who ace in their hobbies.

It all starts, with you becoming a member, and joining a forum of your choice. Operate on it, like you
would on a social media platform. Ask your friends and fans, to follow you, start Q&A sessions, write
blogs, upload videos, and share your contributions, as much as possible.

Becoming a HobbyFyer, will help you share, your content and showcase, it to the world. Our mission, is
to make you famous, help you distribute your content, to the world. So let us start. Make a profile,
choose to be public or private, and do your stuff.

A private profile, works within your network, and your content is visible to members, within your group.
A public profile, on the other hand, is open to be viewed, by any member of HobbyFy.